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IC 1989



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The Horologium-Reticulum supercluster of galaxies
The existence of a supercluster at approximately 18,000 km/s in theHorologium-Reticulum region is demonstrated. The principal constituentsof the H-R supercluster are two rich clusters, Cl 0342-538 and 0329-527,one of which has an adjacent loose enhancement of galaxies, Cl 0326-537.A simple model indicates that the two main clusters of the H-Rsupercluster are at present approaching each other and will collidewithin 0.5 of a Hubble time. It is noted that a bridge (or filament) ofgalaxies connects Cl 0342-538 to the loose enhancements at Cl 0326-537.It is found that the position angles of the five bridge galaxies aresignificantly aligned along the direction of the bridge. A number offoreground groups are detected. One such system at 13,700 km/s coversmost of the survey region, exhibits a velocity dispersion of only 210km/s, and is similar to the G47 system observed in front of the Herculessupercluster. Several regions completely devoid of galaxies areidentified.

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Member of following groups:

Observation and Astrometry data

Right ascension:03h41m54.60s
Aparent dimensions:1.23′ × 0.724′

Catalogs and designations:
Proper Names
ICIC 1989

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